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Campaign Materials

   Receiving our nationwide public education campaign materials is easy!

NeighborWorks America is taking action to send a clear, straightforward message to beware of and report loan modification scams. We need help to reach homeowners in your area with our important information to:

  • Alert them about scams
  • Help them spot a scam before it's too late
  • Encourage them to report scammers to authorities


Spread the Word with Education Materials

Access our toolkit of ready-made graphics, creative elements and written materials for distribution in your community. Many of these materials can be customized with your brand and contact information. Multilingual materials are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Haitian Creole.

We hope you will use some or all of these pieces to help homeowners recognize the signs and get the facts about loan modification scams. Download the Partner Toolkit. Send an email if you have questions about these materials.